Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sorry for being MIA the last few months!

Sorry for no posting the last few months we have both been planning weddings which is way time consuming, but we are back at it! These last few months have really made me love couponing even more! Not only have we not been posting we haven't been couponing! ***Big GASP! But it has made me even more thankful for the joy that is couponing my toiletry stockpile has gotten me through and then some...I didn't have to buy one toiletry in that 3 months, food on the other hand has just about killed me with out my beloved coupons! We are gonna start taking this blog up a notch I am gonna try to get some informational videos uploaded and focus not only on deals but also teaching.
    There are so many people now days offering classes and wanting you to pay for information on how to coupon and while these classes DO teach you how to coupon in my opinion why pay for something you can get for free??? All you have to do is search "how to coupon" and hundreds of articles and/or blogs will pop up. So to do my part I am gonna post more in depth "how to's" so that hopefully none of our followers have to pay for a class. And always remember if you have any questions just ask, we are happy to answer just head to our facebook page (for the quickest response).

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