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Welcome to Couponin' Sistas From Anotha Mista! We are Jennifer and Keri sister in laws in Springfield, MO that share the love of couponing and saving money (who doesn't right). We started out of our mutual enjoyment of couponing and wanted to help others become coupon masters and love it as much as we do!  Below is a little bit more about each of us and how we got started!

   I am currently a stay at home mom of 2, Landon 6 yrs and Aerianna 7 yrs.  I started couponing when my husband found out he was going to lose his job and I had seen the Coupon Mom on tv and decided to give it a try. I researched and learned all I could online and started my journey! Now I love couponing, it's a hobby for me as well as a way to help me stay home with my kids! And I like to think I am passing on good saving strategies to my kids, Aerianna even has the "I love coupon" song and Landon knows if he goes shopping with me and wants something instead of "Can I have this?" its " Mommy do we have a coupon for this?".  :)
    I got to where I would post my savings on facebook and one of my friends said I needed to start a couponing page so I did. Then Keri and I got to talking about how there really weren't any good local blogs to follow so we started the blog changed the name of the facebook page and the Couponin' Sistas from Anotha Mista was born! I hope we can help everyone save some money and have fun while doing it!
Hi, my name is Keri. I've lived in Springfield, Missouri my whole life. Growing up I remember cutting out coupons for my mom & helping her go through the sale ads looking for the things we used or needed.  Once I got older and was on my own I still used the same concept, but never to this extent. I had never felt the sense of accomplishment as I do now when I leave the store.  Now, although it sometimes feels like I've just robbed the store, its a good feeling knowing that my work had literally paid off. In my opinion couponing is always a learning process, things are always changing, whether they be old or new.  I invite everyone to join Jennifer & I for the ride!

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