Tuesday, October 4, 2011

$200 Walgreens gift card give away!!!!!

Here's how to win. First go to your facebook page. And follow these instructions. Be sure to "like" page.

Ok, many of you said you wanted a give away for today. So here it is. For a chance to win a $200 Walgreens gift card, follow these steps

1. Go to your Facebook Wall
2. Create a status update that says "I want to win"
3. Before you click post, click the little button that looks like a pin
4. Type Walgreens and choose a Walgreens location from the list
5. After choosing a Walgreens location, click post

If you are using the Facebook mobile app, just choose Places, then Check In, find a Walgreens, add "I want to win" to your update and click post.

Good luck!

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