Shopping at Walgreens

Walgreens as well as other drugstores are filled with great deals every week you just have to know how to shop there to spend the least amount out of pocket.
Walgreens has a program called “Register Rewards” these are coupons that print out after you make a qualifying purchase and can be used on anything the next time you shop.
Walgreens sale almost always use the register rewards so it is a must to know all the in’s and out’s before shopping at Walgreens.
How do I earn Register Rewards
Register Rewards are earn by making a qualifying purchase. For example you see in their ad it says “Gillette Fusion Proglide razor $9.89 receive $4.00 register rewards at checkout” . Essentially you pay 9.89 out of pocket and then you get a “coupon” for $4.00 off your next shopping trip. But if you have a $4.00 rr from last time you shopped you will only pay 5.89! So you want to save the rewards and use them to bring down the out of pocket price each time you shop.
Now what if we have a coupon for that razor too???? Here is how the match up looks
Gillette Fusion Proglide-$9.89
Receive $4.00  rr
Use 5.00/1 Gillette proglide razor 5/8 pg (just an example)
Final price:$0.89! You just saved $9!
The rules, I know we all hate rules, lol!
Ok Walgreens coupon policy states “Number of coupons may NOT exceed the number of items in any transaction, including manufacturer coupons and register reward coupons. So if you only plan to purchase the one razor and want to use both your man coupon and a previous register rewards you will need what we call a Filler.
Fillers are little cheap things to beef up your order so that you can use both coupons it can be a $.50 candy bar or anything you see that is really cheap.
So to buy the razor and use all your coupons lets add the candy bar
Candy bar-$0.50
Man Coupon-$5.00/1
Register Rewards-$4.00
Final Price: $1.39 Still a great savings!
Another instance where you will need a filler is if the amount of the coupon and register rewards exceed the total price of everything you are buying. So lets say instead of having $4.00 from last week you have $5.00 rr left well after the man. coupon on the razor you are only paying 4.89 leaving an .11 difference and Walgreens makes you use every last bit of your register rewards! So you will again need a filler that cost $0.11 or more.
What if I miss a sale or the item is sold out?
If an item you want is sold out you can possibly get a rain check. Now my Walgreens does not offer rain checks on sales that include register rewards but they do on the sales that do not include register rewards. So if the item is on sale for 50% off you can get a rain check and get it the next time you go.
Now go get some GREAT deals! :)

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