Shopping at CVS

CVS like Walgreens is full of great deals and freebies! CVS uses a program called Extra Care Bucks the program is comparable to the register rewards at Walgreens. The take advantage of the Extra Care Bucks (ECB) promotions you first need to get an Extra Care card these can be picked up in store at the register and they are totally free!
Extra care bucks print at the bottom of your receipt and look like this

The match up for CVS and walgreens will be the same it will be “Sale price-coupon value- extra care bucks earned=Final”
Here is and example-
Tide Detergent-$6.99 receive 3.00 ECB
Use 1.00/1 tide detergent 4/24 (example only)
Final price=$2.99
I did forget to mention in the Walgreens post sometimes you have to buy a certain dollar amount of certain products to get the rewards, here is an example of this type of sale (again these are not current deals just examples)
Spend $15.00 on select Nivea products get $5.00 ECB
Nivea body wash lets say is $5.00
Buy 3 of them
Use 3-$3.00/1 Nivea Body wash
Receive $5.00 ECB
Final price=$0.33 each when you buy 3
When this type of sale happens the amount you need to “spend” is always before coupons and any ECB used.
The rules, again lol!
CVS is a little less strict than Walgreens and makes it easier to shop there. Unlike Walgreens CVS does not limited the number of coupons based on the number of items so if you have one product and one man. coupon and a previous ECB coupon you can use them both without any fillers! Also they can adjust the value of your ECB down if it is more than the total of the transaction, so instead of having to hunt for that $0.11 filler you don’t need to do that here they just adjust the value to match the amount of the transaction!
CVS does have limits on all their sales and they are tied to your extra care card so unlike  Walgreens you cannot come back time and time again to get more and more of the same sale.
First thing to do when you go!
CVS has a little machine in the store we like to call the “Magic Coupon Machine” lol it is actually called “the coupon center”. When you first walk in find one of these machines and scan your extra care card it will then print out random coupons based on whats offered that week and your buying habits! These coupons are CVS coupons and can be stacked with man. coupons! Double Savings!
Now grab your binder and go get some deals!

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